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X3-058: 20160827

Here’s some chilled ambient to ease you through this late-summer weekend! Tristan Welch – D. (from “Washington D.C.”) DeeperNET – Mystic Division Lyndsie Alguire – All is Still Here Renascense – Omega Scann-tec – Unyt...

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Artist Submissions Updated!

In an effort to make things easier for those of you who want to submit your music to Radio Mystic, we’ve updated our Artist License Agreement page, and added the ability for you to download a PDF copy of your agreement once it’s submitted. You can also now...

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Atmospheres 53: Spotlight Nelson Ortiz

This episode of Atmospheres features new music from TV/film composer NELSON ORTIZ. Nelson’s been one of our core artists since almost the very beginning, and today we’re featuring 5 tracks from his brand new album “Out of the Darkness“. Great...

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X3-056 Spotlight: Sonanaut

Music from SONANAUT is the spotlight in today’s episode of the X3. Simon Smart, aka Sonanaut, resides in New York but is originally from the UK, and has been composing music for over 25 years. His new album, ‘Whisper Truth to Power’, is a fantastic...

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Here Comes Summer! Updates from the Radio Ranch.

Hello… anybody there? Yup – still alive and kickin’ here at Radio Mystic – thanks for all the emails and messages on our Facebook page, gang. I know our 2016 podcast releases have been, um, SPARSE to say the least! Ever since the demise of our...

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