E*SCAPES #001 – the start of the legendary series is back online in 2014 (much to the dismay of many I’m sure!)

patrick bernard1I’ve listened to Patrick Bernard‘s music for many years, and it’s always seemed to put me in a state of peace and tranquility. I was curious to find out if Patrick used any tricks in order to accomplish this, and we ended up talking about the healing power of music and the incredible changes it can bring, both physically and spiritually. Patrick also discussed his “alternate” name, Patrick Bernhardt, and talked about his musical background. We also got a sneak preview of his newest projects. It was a privilege to have Patrick as a guest on our E*SCAPES debut!


Show #001 also features our monthly Top Ten Track list, Music News from the world of Contemporary Instrumental music, a Contest Update, a new age Concert Update, and the latest happenings on the Mystic Soundscapes website.