composurewilliammcgeeI’ve been in contact with Bill McGee since I created Mystic Soundscapes Radio back in 2004, and have wanted to interview him on the show for quite a while.  It was great finally being able to talk with him in person!

In this interview, Bill discusses his music as “Composure” and goes into detail about his current collaboration with artist DeBasse under the name “Sound Connection“. You’ll also hear the track “Blind Eyes Foresee” from the new Sound Connection CD “36th Parallel”. Download the single in its entirety courtesy of Bill by clicking on the download link in the information box below.

Show #008 also includes the Mystic Soundscapes Top Ten Track report for the past 30 days based on listener ratings, and we’ve added a new feature this month showcasing some of the new music you’ll hear on the station. This month’s Sneak Peeks include:

Hayim Kobi, “Dark Cloud Margarita”, Sirisat, “Prayer”, Fuzzmuzz, “Storm”, R. Lee Steele, “Center”, Louis Landon, “Alone”, Tom Aragon, “Dream Catcher”, Spirits In Ambience, “The Pools of your Eyes”, Ann Sweeten, “Ashes”