justin2006cI love just roaming the internet (when I can find the time!) looking for fresh new music and artists to feature on E*Scapes. During one particular visit to Neurodisc Records’ site, I came across a preview page for “The Dawnseeker” by Sleepthief. Blown away. As most of you who listen to our station probably know, we’ve been adding a bit more music from the electronic music world lately (Blue Stone has been one of our top-rated artists during the past few months), and frankly it’s because there’s so much GREAT stuff out there.

Case in point: you’ve got to listen to this interview with Justin Elswick, the man behind Sleepthief. Justin somehow found the time outside of his normal day job as an Attorney(!) to gather together some of the top female vocalists in the world of electronic music and create a project that I believe is breaking new ground in the industry. Justin is a warm and outgoing guy who shares with us his unique introduction to music as a kid, the logistics of bringing so many talented artists together on one project, and even a few bits about the sequel to “The Dawnseeker”. Plus, you’ll hear – in its entirety – the first single from the album, “Eurydice”.

"The Dawnseeker" by Sleepthief

“The Dawnseeker”



SLEEPTHIEF – “Eurydice”

KORI CAROTHERS – “Winterstorm”