Paul-Avgerinos-2When I think of ambient/space music, music that almost instantly relaxes and whisks you away to other dimensions of space and time… I think Paul Avgerinos. Paul is a master, and it was an honor to be able to talk with him about his music, his career, and his latest CD GNOSIS. I gave Paul a chance to hear the interview before it went online, and here’s his response:

I love the podcast ! ! !
You made me feel very comfortable and did an excellent job putting this together . It has a light, fun, informal feel . I really enjoyed listening 🙂 – Paul

I’ve been a big fan of Jamey Osborne’s AUDIOSYNCRACY podcast for quite a while, and decided it was time to have him on the show to talk about, well… HIS show! If you’re looking for a podcast that features some truly amazing new age artists, check out this interview, then go subscribe to his podcast!


“Follow Your Bliss” by Paul Avgerinos
Two tracks from Paul’s most recent release, GNOSIS. Visit Paul’s website to hear more and purchase CD’s.

“Mystic Voices” by satYa