Diane_ArkenstoneEarlier this month I got to speak with one of the industry’s most talented female artists, in fact, one of the industry’s most talented artists PERIOD: Diane Arkenstone. This woman is more of a workaholic than I am! Actually, it’s not really “work” since she’s enjoying every minute and is so passionate about what she does. In spite of the myriad number of projects she’s currently involved with, Diane’s calm, centered, warm personality shines through it all! Gotta be honest: I’d be pulling my hair out and mumbling incoherencies if I were in her position, but then again that’s why I PLAY the music instead of CREATE it 🙂

In this interview, Diane talks about her music career, her health challenges, and the many projects that she has planned for listeners and fans in the near future (including an upcoming TV appearance!)

Diane Arkenstone Featured Tracks:

“Through The Veil”
from Diane’s CD “AQUARIA”

“The River Winds Through The Night”
From the Adventure Cargo CD, “AFRICAN SKIES”

Visit Diane’s website for more information.