Right before Christmas I was informed that I had a special time reserved to speak with Loreena McKennitt about her newly-released album “An Ancient Muse”. Wow! I was blown away – Loreena’s work has been an inspiration to me for so many years, and I finally had the chance to talk with this incredible songstress in person! What you’ll notice about this interview is that both of us sound like we’re in the studio together, but actually we’re on the phone on a special “ISDN” digital phone line that sounds crystal clear. This is the first interview that I’ve done in this way, and it REALLY sounds pretty nice – technology is amazing! Yes, I toyed with the idea of telling you that we actually WERE together in the studio, but all I could see coming from that was a huge wet stinging slap in the face from the Karma-nator 🙂

“An Ancient Muse” is Loreena’s first studio album since 1997’s multi-platinum Book of Secrets. Loreena follows her Muse across time and tide, from Homer’s Greece to Ottoman Istanbul to England in the age of the Crusades. She takes her inspiration from the history and migrations of the Celtic people, fusing the melodic sensibility of Scots and Irish balladry with musical traditions from Greece, Turkey, Spain, and even Scandinavia. In short, the album ROCKS.. er, in a good Celtic way!

You’ll thoroughly enjoy this interview as long as you ignore my random witless comments 🙂


Loreena McKennitt “Beneath a Phrygian Sky” From “AN ANCIENT MUSE”

7 and 5 “Amen” from “IN A MOMENT’S TIME”