blue stone worlds apart 1

Ever since the release of Blue Stone‘s debut album BREATHE, I was hooked. Their unique blend of acoustic and organic elements with ethereal vocals and downtempo beats really hits a sweet spot! This year, with the addition of multi-talented actress/singer/songwriter Sheyenne Rivers, Blue Stone has taken it to the next level with their sophomore release, “Worlds Apart”.

worlds apart blue stoneAfter 2 unsuccessful attempts to do this interview last week (due to the shortcomings of our radio studio equipment – yeah – that’s it! It wasn’t my lack of skill, really!) we finally connected properly and the result is a conversation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Robert Smith and Bill Walters are passionate composers who surround themselves with the most talented (and beautiful) female vocalists. How do these guys do it? I’d love to know their secret. I’d also love to be in their next video, but I’d break the camera. Samantha Sandlin and Maura Hurley round out the vocal duties along with select special guests. This music is “intoxicating and trance-inducing”, so get ready! “Worlds Apart” is definitely one of THE must-have albums of 2007!


Blue Stone “Worlds Apart (Searching For You)” From “WORLDS APART” (2007) Neurodisc Records

Etherfysh “Orange”¬†from “BOX OF FYSH” (Magnatune Records)