INGAInga is truly a superstar in every sense of the word. The passion and effort that she’s poured into “Riding The Wind” is evident on every track. Whether it’s an uptempo dance groove like “Breathe The Night Away” or an ethereal treat like “Moonlit Path” (with guest star Amethyste) Inga’s voice will MOVE you, entrance you. “Riding The Wind” is an amazing experience – I haven’t stopped listening to the CD since it arrived last week! It’s a great mix of music styles woven together with Inga’s captivating vocals. Eventually I anticipate every track on this album will make its way onto our internet station! Inga and everyone who worked on this masterpiece deserve the highest accolades – an incredible accomplishment! Do yourself a favor and make this a staple in your audio collection. Oh – get a couple of copies, because they’ll wear out pretty quickly from all that listening!

This is INGA’s very first interview, and I think you’ll agree she did an awesome job! Sounded way smoother than I did, that’s for sure!


INGA “I Am Here For You”
From “RIDING THE WIND” (2007)
INGA Online

Eric Scot Porter/Art Sebastian
“Dancing Dervish”
from Art’s upcoming CD “Traveling”