tim storyI had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Tim Story back in early February of this year, and believe it or not have been trying to get this interview edited and online for the past 5 months. It seems I’ve been thwarted with every available challenge! My sincere apologies to Tim for taking such a long time to get this done – as I offer in the podcast, I’m happy to fly out and clean your house, do the dishes, whatever you need, Tim!

buzzle tim storyAs far as the interview goes, Tim is one of the nicest and most charismatic people I’ve talked to – a true pleasure to chat with. In this show, he talks about his musical career and this “diversion” called “BUZZLE”, which is fast becoming one of my favorite albums to listen to. I’ve been a Tim Story fan for years and years, and “Buzzle” is a treat because it’s different than most anything else Tim has released. What can I say – I LOVED this album, and I think you will to! Tim also gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming projects – so grab a cuppa, and enjoy!


Tim Story “Dust Bale Hole” From “BUZZLE”