7and5 john nixonWell, this interview has been “in the making” for about 6 months, and finally took place just in time for the release of 7 and 5’s new CD “Trading Stories”… John Nixon is the wizard behind 7 and 5 and in today’s show he discusses his music, career (he’s composed music for such diverse companies as Coca-Cola, Chrysler/Jeep, White Castle, HGTV and many more) and how the new album “Trading Stories” came about.

7and5cover2We did this interview over the phone, but both John and I were recording during the interview, so what you’re hearing is the final mixdown of our microphone tracks which always makes for better quality… I heart technology. Enjoy!


7 and 5 “Sleepwalking” from “TRADING STORIES”

Crystalline Dream “Ethereal Gauze”¬†from “Threshold”