deviations project 1

Producer “Scruffy” Dave Williams and master Violinist Oliver Lewis make up Deviations Project, an innovative mix of classical and electronic music that’s an intoxicating listen! What’s even MORE fun is the interview I had with Dave last week – you can tell that this guy never stops – more energy than the Energizer Bunny. I can imagine what would’ve happened if BOTH of these guys were on the phone at once! It took me a few hours to wind down after this one! Dave talks about his musical background, meeting up with Oliver and creating Deviations Project, upcoming works and lots more. I hope to have Oliver Lewis on the show soon  – we’ll keep you posted…


Deviations Project, “Tootin’ Carmen” from Deviations Project

Julia/Soulharp, “Night Market on the Adriatic” from Peaceful Night