pb_chair (1)Peter Buffett has been composing music since the mid-80’s: from commercial and instrumental music to film scores, including the pivotal “Fire Dance” scene in Dances with Wolves, to the epic live Spirit: The Seventh Fire tour, and now his latest venture into the vocal music arena. Peter took some time to talk with me about so many aspects of his career – from his beginnings in instrumental music all the way through his recent vocal projects and plans for the future.

Speaking with and listening to Peter was SO much fun, and I think everyone – from fans and listeners to fellow artists – will walk away with something to remember, whether it’s a piece of advice, insight or just a deeper knowledge and respect for this man who has devoted his life to sharing his amazing talents and passions with all of us. Settle in – you’re gonna love this interview!

Featured Music Tracks:

Peter Buffett, “Anything”
from Staring at the Sun

Teri Richardson, “Eyes Wide Open”, from Ethereal

No Escape, “Return”