nelson ortiz 2We start today’s show with a trip to the top of the mountain to visit the famed Radio Mystic guru as he imparts his brand of “wisdom” and knowledge. Then we get to the good stuff.

We’ve been playing Nelson Ortiz‘s music on Radio Mystic for several years now, so I was excited at the chance to finally talk with him about his career and the new album he’s been hinting at over on his Myspace page as of late. In addition to those topics, Nelson also chimes in on the current state of the music industry, and you’ll hear a track from his original release, “I Must Be Dreaming”.

Visit Nelson Ortiz online | Nelson on Soundcloud


Nelson Ortiz, “Valley of the Rainforest Giants” from I Must Be Dreaming

biomusique, “Persephone” from The 10,000 Steps