Wow – we actually made it to a SECOND annual “Best Of” show! I’m impressed with myself – and that *never* happens. Got the Starbucks “Casi Cielo” blend ready to rock, so let’s get to it.

Part 1 audio link is above – click here for Part 2.

You’ll find the complete list of tracks in this episode with web links below. NOTE: The list is not in ranking order, neither are the tracks that are played in the show itself. This isn’t a year-end countdown after all, but simply a compilation of some of the tracks that have really stood out during the past twelve months. Our annual list was compiled using listener ratings, total number of plays on Radio Mystic, and email requests via our website.

Thanks to the artists and labels for their generosity in allowing us to podcast this music and share it with our dedicated listeners. Here’s wishing everybody a great New Year’s Eve, and a fantastic & successful 2009!



JILLIAN GOLDIN Walking In The Air Through Sand and Snow
MARK BARNES An Angel’s Farewell The Awakening
IAN TESCEE Life On Mars The Traveler’s Guide to Mars
FREUD The Great Crossing The Journey
AL CONTI Daughter of the City Schehezerade
DAVID LANZ Evening Song Painting the Sun
BIOMUSIQUE Ananda The 10,000 Steps
RYAN FARISH In This Moment Wonderfall
HEATH VERCHER Heart Spark Soulfire
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Gilded Cage Secret Voyage
AMETHYSTIUM Silken Twine Isabliss
STEPHEN PEPPOS The Search Follow The Mist
ELU Something More Beautiful Things
LORI CUNNINGHAM Into Absolution Unseen