Just in time for your Thanksgiving consumption, E*SCAPES 45 hits the grid, complete with teaser video (Ed. note: this video has been removed due to the embarrassing nature of the content. Bribes of cash and coffee MAY help to bring it back by contacting us – thank you.)


Michele McLaughlin

Joining me on the show today is pianist MICHELE MCLAUGHLIN, a talented composer with a sweet voice and an even sweeter touch on the ivories. Michele talks about her career as well as her two latest works, Out of the Darkness and Christmas Plain and Simple II. You’ll also hear the track Forsaken from Out of the Darkness.

Also featured in the show: from DAVID ARKENSTONE’S album Myths and Legends, a track called Tree of Life, and an update on all the holiday happenings here at the Radio Mystic Ranch.

Michele’s music is haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching. She was drawn to piano music from early childhood and would learn to play her favorite songs by ear. Michele took piano lessons for a very short period of time, but quit when the lessons took the fun out of playing. Shortly afterwards, when she was 8 years old, she was introduced to the music of George Winston and was instantly moved and inspired by his remarkable talent and style. She would listen to his music and dream of someday playing as he did. It was during this time that she began composing and recording her own songs. Michele performs regularly and has shared the stage with some of her favorite pianists; David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno, Gary Girouard, Joseph Akins, Joe Yamada, Christine Brown, Louis Landon, Jennifer Thomas and Kurt Bestor. Michele loves to perform with fellow musicians because she feels it brings so much more to the experience of the audience and the performers.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Our next show is up in early December: the E*SCAPES Holiday Extravaganza(!) featuring an interview with vocalist Amethyste, music from Winterscapes Radio, and all kinds of holiday hijinx. See ya then!