It’s time for the annual E*SCAPES Holiday Special gang – OK, this is the FIRST holiday special, but we’ll call it annual to make it sound good.



The show features an interview with vocalist AMETHYSTE, who talks about her holiday release Remembering Christmas, and also treats us to a full-length track from that album. BLACKMORE’S NIGHT performs a track from their CD Winter Carols and you’ll also hear a track from HEATH VERCHER‘s newest Christmas release Carols. Other features include holiday greetings from Radio Mystic artists Michele McLaughlin, Juliet Lyons, Amethyste, and listener Anthony Mangano; plus a few other things we hope you’ll enjoy. Albums are linked above, or just click on an album cover below to grab it online.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in this episode, as well as the artists who so graciously allowed us to feature their music in the show! So find yourself some downtime, grab your favorite holiday drink and enjoy our seasonal offerings here on E*SCAPES. Merry Christmas gang! We’ll see you again in 2011!