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Heath Vercher is a closet comedian. When he emailed me suggesting I change our slogan from “Life Sounds Better Chilled” to “Life Sounds Better GRILLED”, I couldn’t pass it up. So today’s show, E*STEAKS #35, features not only an in-depth interview with Heath re: his new CD “Soulfire”, but also the finest grilling tips and tricks from not only Heath himself, but a variety of our Mystic artists, who proved to be good sports about this whole. insane. show.vercherdog There’s not much more I can say about this interview, or this podcast, that would give it the accolades it truly deserves. I expect it to be inducted into the Hall of Podcast Shame any day now. But judge for yourself. Fire up that grill – kick back with an ice cold drink, and prepare to shake your heads in bewilderment.

Featuring GRILLIN’ AND CHILLIN’ TIPS & TRICKS from: Jillian Goldin, Andrew Aversa (zircon), Tim McGowan, Seay, Kori Carothers, Jeff Mettling (ELU), Dee Gonzales (ELU), Lori Cunningham, Ken Hill & Seth (Soulwire)

Also featuring music from : Heath Vercher, “Rapture” from the CD Soulfire, and Chris Bawiec, “Direction of Energy” from Secret Passages: A Sacred Adventure.

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This is one of my favorite episodes from the E*SCAPES series, mainly because it exemplifies what I wanted the podcast to be – entertaining! What you hear is the result of having too much time on my hands and an unbridled desire to produce the living hell out of this show haha! Enjoy this blast from the past – I did! – 8/23/2014