Time for another entry in the X3 ‘HEAD SIX’ series: this trio of mesmerizing, trance-inducing female vox and their smoky beats is all you need for an evening of tasty digital chillaxin.

First, it’s ENDLESS BLUE featuring Laura Hillman with ‘Down’, then we glide into ‘Delorion’ by THE ATOMICA PROJECT, and BITSTREAM DREAM brings it home with vocalist ANJI BEE on ‘Love Me Leave Me.’

Strongly influenced by the fruits of the downtempo Bristol sound of the early nineties, ENDLESS BLUE’s music spins the trip-hop style in a new direction while staying true to their roots. The group was formed by vocalist Laura Hillman and producer Nick Mitchell in 2003. Today’s episode features the track ‘Down’ from their debut release, ‘Endless Blue.’

THE ATOMICA PROJECT is a union of downtempo beats and stunning female vocals devised in 2004 by programmer/songwriter Wade Alin and vocalist Lauren Cheatham. The track ‘Delorion’ featured here is form their 2005 release ‘Metropolitan’, considered one of the best independent releases of that year.

BITSTREAM DREAM is the musical project of Canadian electronica producer, Rom di Prisco, working with a collective of vocalists and musicians from all over the globe. The band’s music encompasses many genres, including Trip Hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Trance, House, and Ambient. The track ‘Love Me Leave Me’ in today’s episode features Southern Cali’s ANJI BEE, vocalist, lyricist, fellow podcaster and vidcaster.

Are they really all just in your head? As long as you enjoy it, does it really matter?