Brrrrrr. It’s gettin’ COLD out there! Perfect weather for the tracks we’ve picked today. First up, it’s PATRICK O’HEARN with Our Temperable Host; then we slide into Ten Degrees Below Christmas, holiday ambient from PSICODREAMICS; and TOR LUNDVALL wraps it up with Fading Light from his ‘Yule’ collection, a special extended version we whipped up ’cause we like his music so much.

It’s a solitary expanse of ambient sound and texture that’ll leave you with a bit of a chill and a nagging desire for hot cocoa. Drink up kids.


Glaciation“Just why a Hawaiian guitar would act as catalyst to conjure up striking images of the arctic did not occur to me at first. It wasn’t until into making the record that I stopped to consider the irony: it made sense”. The album ‘Glaciation‘ continues Patrick O’Hearn’s path of evoking the sensations of different atmospheres through beautifully textured sounds.
PsicodreamicsPsicodreamics is the ambient-new age music project that reveals the unique magic, mysterious and idyllic world of musical art of Spanish composer Salva Moreno. A great part of his music world is inspired by mythology and fantasy creating a rich sanctuary of haunting and mysterious fairyworld sound, covering many genres, mainly ambient, new age, goth and chillout.

Tor Lundvall YuleTor Lundvall’s music has evolved over the years from early pop songs, to a more ambient sound, which he personally finds difficult to describe or categorize. “I suppose one could call it ‘ghost ambient’! I approach my music in a visual way, starting with a very basic idea and slowly building on it. Although I tend to use electronics and samplers, I always approach music in a natural, organic way… All samples are created at home, usually in the bedroom. I loathe patch presets and use them only rarely… As with my paintings, my music has always existed in a private world of its own.”

Photo (c)2009 Psicodreamics.