Wide open spaces. great if you’re chillin’ in the middle of a grassy field. Not so great if you’re floating aimlessly among the stars and your line to the mothership just snapped.

Enjoy some tasy ambient music today from BRUNO SANFILIPPO (Imagined Reality), TERRA AMBIENT (The Ghost in Me) and 3vr3n (Spaces). Websites below. Also be sure to check the cool music video links for all of these artists below – great stuff.

Bruno Sanfilippo: http://www.bruno-sanfilippo.com/
Bruno Surreal Sense video:

Terra Ambient: http://www.myspace.com/terraambient
Terra Ambient – Making of Wanderlust Video:

3vr3n: http://www.mevio.com/music/?artist_id=10162
3vr3n Spaces video:

Photo (c) Bruno Sanfilippo.