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This week it’s the sweet soundings of electronic candy from CYBO, a New York-based artist who’s blowing up the internet with her unique sound.

3116-photo_CyboHer music project began in 2004. She started experimenting by meshing her piano, guitar playing and pulsating vocals with distorted electronic drum beats and thick layered ambient pads. Her music gives off a sense of diversity/chaos/beauty/form of expression. Taking it even further and beyond the surreal ambient atmosphere already conveyed through her music, Cybo has created a new style that consists of a melodic ghostly type sound accompanied with hard filled gritty beats, overdriven guitar sounds and layered vocals breaching from afar. Taking subconscious thoughts and creating a visual of effects.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Cybo describes her life living in the city diverse, chaotic and beautiful.
“…I’ve worked on this project alone from the start. I’ve always wanted to create a soundtrack of my life both musically and visually. My music constantly changes. My world is ethereal and my thoughts are obscure. But for the moments that I can sit down and create..I feel like I can breathe and I am limitless…and I would like to share that experience with you…”

“This is my life recorded in a dream…”

Watch for Cyb’s brand new album ECHOESPOND, due out in just weeks, as well as the new CD Saegmeh, her collaboration with musician Esper Fiction.

1. Bleeding Colors (from ‘Speaking as Loud as Silence’)
2. Within the Ice (from ‘Recorded in a Dream’)
3. Collision is Imminent (from ‘Rendered Senseless’)
4. Fiction (from ‘Last Glow Before Darkness [Sessions Mix]‘)
5. Glue (from ‘Void’ – an EP included with the above album)
6. Still Life (from ‘Last Glow Before Darkness [Sessions Mix]‘)
7. The Spaces in Between (unreleased track)

Visit CYBO online at, and check out our interview with this multi-talented woman in episode 42 of The Radio Mystic Podcast.