Frost Special 121110

Got an hour-long show for ya today since we’ve only got one podcast for December. This episode’s dedicated to the winter season, enhancing that silent, solitary, contemplative feeling you sometimes get during a long walk after a winter storm, or after you realize you just ran out of that drink that was keeping you toasty.

1. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Not Forgotten
2. Kirsty Hawkshaw – In Between
3. Tor Lundvall – Snowy Morning
4. Alex Tiuniaev – Ethereal Winter Ambience Part 1 (Edit)
5. Phillip Wilkerson – Cold Moon Drift
6. Ion – Eternal Flame
7. Bruno Sanfilippo – Surreal Sense (Edit)
8. Igneous Flame – Shimmer
9. Hands Upon Black Earth – Inward
10. Soulwire – Drifting Essence

X3 returns in mid-to-late January after a well-deserved long holiday break. See you in 2011 gang!