A variety of Radio Mystic artists in this first show of the new year:

1. 3HEX: Getting There – watch for his new EP coming in early 2014 – SOUNDCLOUD.COM/3HEX

2. TRANSCEND WITH TIME: Beside Us, from the new album “When Emotions Fade” available now at TRANSCENDWITHTIME.BANDCAMP.COM;

3. SOULWIRE: Dreamforged, composed for one of Ken Hill’s live fire-spinning shows – check him out at SOULWIRE.COM;

4. LUCIFTIAS: Tintinnabulation – hear more at http://www.akhkharuhymns.com/luciftias/

5. ELU (Jeff Mettling & Dee Gonzales): Embrace – from their upcoming new CD release, ELUMUSIC.COM

Thanks for listening!