X3-057 Spotlight: Odyssey of Rapture Vol. 3 from Mythical Records

July 25, 2016

Today’s show features several tracks from Mythical Records‘ new compilation “Odyssey of Rapture Volume 3“. It’s a fantastic mix of Ambient, Contemporary Classical, and Experimental Electroacoustic music composers that “combine chamber orchestra music with modern electronic processing and sound design.”  The album is refreshing and quite unique in its sound, so be sure to give it a listen and purchase a copy for yourself!

Jack Kelley – Worried Fire, Eternal Cold
Elizabeth Fawn – Under Strange Skies
Infinitarian – Moon (Live at s204)
Abandoned Toys – Requiem for Annissa
Annina Melissa – Crimson

Music provided and used courtesy of Mythical Records.gavisuuy


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