X3-060: Spotlight – Scarlett Taylor

November 24, 2016

scarlettScarlett Taylor is a 19 year old alternative pop singer from Minnesota whose music is haunting, melancholy and lush. In today’s episode we’re featuring tracks from her albums ‘Lucid” and ‘Church’. Be sure to help support her amazing work by purchasing her music! Special thanks to Scarlett and her team for allowing us to include her music in our podcast.

Her album ‘Lucid’ is available on iTunes & most all digital stores; ‘Churches’ is currently available via Soundcloud.

  1. Purple Bones (from Lucid)
  2. Fucked Up (from Churches)
  3. Blue Shade (from Lucid)
  4. Velvet (from Churches)
  5. Dilated (from Lucid)



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