X3 Ambient 65: Season 7, Episode 1

September 29, 2023


The X3 Ambient Music Podcast, Episode 65

From the depths of a caffeinated haze (that lasted almost five years apparently), we return with a new season of the X3 Ambient music podcast just in time for National Coffee Day (would you expect less?) If you enjoy what you hear please remember to visit the artist websites and support their effort! Thanks for listening.

0:05 Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana – On the Waves of Fate (The Threshold of Beauty)
7:14 James Murray & Francis M Gri – Redux (Remote Redux)
10:21 Rich Bitting – In the Presence of the Ancestors (A Liminal Stillness)
27:07 Max Corbacho – Dusk Awakes (Atmospheric Twilight)
41:40 Eric Wollo & Michael Stearns – A Solitary Place (Convergence)
49:17 Jeff Greinke – Into The Night (Noctilucent)

For more delicious sounds, visit our X3 archives and enjoy hours of rich, steamy ambient music curated by our caffeinated founder!

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