Artist License Agreement


Radio Mystic asks all of our artists to submit a Broadcast License Agreement which allows us to broadcast your music royalty-free in our podcasts. The agreement is now submitted digitally using the form below. For music file submissions, please see our music policy here.

Artist License Agreement Form

  • Radio Mystic Broadcast License Agreement

    1) Ownership of Works. I, the undersigned artist or company, hereby warrant and verify that I am the sole owner of both copyright and performance rights for each of my musical compositions(s) and sound recording(s) listed in the attached Exhibit (which may be added to from time to time) (hereinafter referred to individually as a “Work” or collectively as “Works”). If the musical composition of the Works includes all or a portion of a public domain work, I warrant that I am the sole owner of the copyright on the arrangement of this musical composition in the Works. I further warrant that I have the full legal authority to grant a license to publicly perform and broadcast the Works, including on the internet (and podcasts, if applicable). I shall retain all copyright to my Works.

    2) Grant of License. I hereby grant a non-exclusive license, to Mystic Soundscapes, LLC (and any predecessor or affiliated LLC or entity or podcast, including but not limited to Mystic Soundscapes, E*Scapes and radioMystic) (hereinafter referred to as “Mystic Soundscapes”), to publicly perform and broadcast these works on the internet via, including but not limited to all online locations where said podcasts are to be served (i.e., Soundcloud, etc.), as well as on our internet radio stations. I understand that Mystic Soundscapes is not obligated to broadcast the Works.

    3) Consideration. The license grant shall be fully paid-up and royalty free, for consideration of the opportunity to have my Works heard by Mystic Soundscapes’ listeners and thereby promote my Works. This is a voluntary agreement in accordance with 37 CFR Part 380, §380.1(c) and is in lieu of the rates and terms of 37 CFR Part 380.

    4) Waiver. I acknowledge that I am representing myself in this License Agreement, and I waive representation by SoundExchange (for the RIAA, AFTRA, and AFM), BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and any other applicable entity, only as it relates to the inclusion of the Works in the internet broadcasts and podcasts (if applicable) of Mystic Soundscapes.

    5) Removal of Works. I agree to give at least thirty (30) days written notice (to the address indicated above for Mystic Soundscapes) if I wish to have any particular Work or Works removed from the Mystic Soundscapes broadcast or to terminate this License Agreement.

    6) Assignment. I agree that this License Agreement may be assigned to a successor or affiliate of Mystic Soundscapes.

    7) Term and Effective Date. This License Agreement is effective immediately, and shall have a term of two years, unless earlier terminated pursuant to the terms herein. This Agreement will automatically renew for additional two-year periods unless I provide notice under Section 5 of this Agreement. I understand that Mystic Soundscapes may terminate this License Agreement at any time upon notice.

    ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO BY: Entering your name below will act as your digital signature for this agreement. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
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