deviations project 1

July 25, 2008

DEVIATIONS PROJECT is Composer/Producer Dave Williams and Violin Virtuoso Oliver Lewis.

Having “speaks” with composer Dave Williams last Fall was a lotta fun. Imagine my excitement getting to interview BOTH Dave and Violin Virtuoso Oliver Lewis this time around! These guys are a blast, and this powerful combination of skill and talent can take classical tracks such as “Flight of the Bumblebee”, mash ’em up, and add some well-deserved spice and energy to create something completely wild and totally fresh.

IvoryBow270Oliver and Dave discuss their careers, how they first met (“we got along like a house on fire!”) and their brand new release THE IVORY BOW, available everywhere August 5th. Grab a cup of strong coffee (or some ROCKET FUEL if you can find any!) and treat yourself to this interview!


Deviations Project, “Big Bad Bumble”
from The Ivory Bow, Neurodisc Records

Big Ben, “Flare”