Surprise – we’re back! There’s been way too much great new music this past year to ignore, so we present Episode 61 of the X3 to guide you head-first out of the holiday weekend and back into the fray! Most of the artists in this show have recently released fresh new tracks, so let’s get to it:

  1. COOLAMBIENTsystem.Online (Resistance Mix), from “binary.Abstractions
  2. LYNDSIE ALGUIRE[almost], from “Cities of the Interior
  3. BETWEEN INTERVALThe Hour Appointed, from “Legacy” (Spotted Peccary Records)
  4. VALANXDance of Death, from the Ultimae Compilation “Polarity
  5. CLAUDIO PRCHyacinth, from the Ultimae Compilation “Polarity
  6. MAX CORBACHOTelluric, from “Arte Magnetica