X3-061: 20170905

September 5, 2017

Surprise – we’re back! There’s been way too much great new music this past year to ignore, so we present Episode 61 of the X3 to guide you head-first out of the holiday weekend and back into the fray! Most of the artists in this show have recently released fresh new tracks, so let’s get to it:

  1. COOLAMBIENTsystem.Online (Resistance Mix), from “binary.Abstractions
  2. LYNDSIE ALGUIRE[almost], from “Cities of the Interior
  3. BETWEEN INTERVALThe Hour Appointed, from “Legacy” (Spotted Peccary Records)
  4. VALANXDance of Death, from the Ultimae Compilation “Polarity
  5. CLAUDIO PRCHyacinth,¬†from the Ultimae Compilation “Polarity
  6. MAX CORBACHOTelluric, from “Arte Magnetica

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X3-064: 20181110

X3-064: 20181110

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