With the dawn of the new year, RadioMystic.com will be building more on the journey we began last year as we delve ever deeper into full-time podcasting, and prepare to release more frequent, monthly episodes for all of our podcasts.

Podcasts like our popular X3 Ambient show will continue bringing you the great ambient and electronic music you hear every day on Radio Mystic, and we’re resurrecting our Atmospheres Podcast on a monthly basis to bring you some fantastic new age, Celtic, world and instrumental downtempo tracks with each episode. Plus, for our Winterscapes Radio fans, the new Winterscapes podcast will feature wonderful independent winter-inspired chillout music that you can listen to year-round. Finally, our Radio Mystic podcast will be the show to catch for not only more great music, but also artist interviews, free music downloads and contests for all sorts of goodies!

Here on our main site at radiomystic.com we’ll also be posting links and great new music discoveries to share with our listeners, so be sure to bookmark the site and like us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to stay updated on our latest news and finds.

We’ve also learned our lesson where fundraising is concerned – BARELY making our annual goal for 2015 in a last-minute donation frenzy haha! – and so now you can donate to our stations and podcasts YEAR-ROUND using the donation link that’s displayed on every page here on our website. We’ll post a monthly accounting of where we stand for the coming year – those totals will include not only donations, but also our revenue from sales of station merchandise, album compilations, and VIP listener streaming as well. Yes, we’re working on bringing you some cool new station gear: coffee mugs, tree ornaments, framed prints and special album releases throughout the year that we think you’ll really enjoy (because we all need more STUFF, don’t we? ha!) In addition, we’ll no longer be interrupting listeners of our stations with pleas for donations – it’ll all be handled right here on our site.

Speaking of our stations – and yes, they all remain on the air in 2015 thanks to the generosity of our listeners* – we’ve already implemented a change that will let our VIP listeners hear more music without interruption, more frequently – our station ID’s will play less often which will hopefully improve your listening experience. By the way if you’re not a VIP listener, I urge you to consider it – for a small monthly or annual fee, you get all the music on all of our stations commercial-free! Visit our VIP listening page for more details.

Now – onward into 2015 – and as always, thank you for listening!

*and an extra bit added in from my personal accounts (you’re welcome!)