Time again for our annual episode celebrating the cooler weather, crisp air and warmth of the autumn season! Over an hour of relaxing, contemplative music for you today, some of which has been hand-picked by one of our dedicated fans and listeners Kevin Rice. Several new releases are included in the show today, along with some tracks you may have heard on our new age internet station. I’d like to thank every one of the artists and record labels in the show for generously allowing us to use their work in this episode. Hope you all enjoy this labor of love!


Track listing:
Louis Landon – Wind Chime, from “Walking the Plains and Other Solo Piano Stories”
Tingstad and Rumbel – A Moment’s Peace, from “A Moment’s Peace”
Angels of Venice – Forever After, from “Carol Tatum: Music for Harp”
Marquis Ensemble (David & Diane Arkenstone) – The Breath of Autumn, from “Reflections from the Wine Country”
Jeff Oster – Beautiful Silence, from “Surrender”
Bill Leslie – Connemara, from “Across the Water”
Kori Linae Carothers – Nantucket, from “Trillium”
Jami Sieber – River of Rain, from “Timeless”
Blackmore’s Night – The Queen’s Lament, from “All Our Yesterdays”
Bryan Carrigan – Enchanted Cabin, from “Fall into Winter”
Deborah Martin – Waiting, from “Eye of the Wizard”
Michele McLaughlin – Nostalgia, from “Breathing in the Moment”
David Lanz &┬áKristin Amarie – Amore Eterno Redux, from “Silhouette of Love”
Tim Story – November’s Eve, from the album “Untitled” courtesy Seventh Chance Music
John Gregorius – Mercy, from “Heaven and Earth”


All sound effects used in this episode are utilized under the Creative Commons Attribution License:
Strong Wind“, “Hunebed D36 Valthe“, and “Aspen Tree in Strong Wind“.