It’s been a wild winter here at the radio ranch with the loss of our beloved internet radio stations just a couple of months ago – and needless to say I’m looking forward to Spring and a fresh start!

I’ve been clearing out clutter around the house for the past few months, getting rid of old stuff that I don’t need anymore; which also serves the purpose of clearing out my mind and making room for new projects and things to focus on moving forward. I was Skype-ing with a good friend a few weeks ago, talking about how I seem to go through phases with the podcasts here on our network. I EXCEL at creating new jobs for myself – new ideas for new shows, new websites, new projects… and then start getting in over my head once they’re online and have to be maintained! One result of this is that new episodes of all the shows I’ve created will go online for 6-8 months or so, then drop off as I get busy with other things in my life – managing several shows seems to get overwhelming sometimes, especially when I try to crank out new episodes too frequently. She laughed and suggested I focus on only one podcast – give myself a break. I laughed in response, thinking “yeah, right,” but over the past few weeks I’ve taken a long hard look at the shows we’re offering up here at Radio Mystic and decided to do some Spring cleaning on the network as well.

ONE podcast. I still don’t think I can whittle our shows down to only one, but I’m giving it a go:

X3 Ambient will be our main podcast going forward, and it may be getting a re-branding under a new name. Still not sure what that will be, but the show will continue to feature ambient and electronic music on a somewhat frequent basis. The Radio Mystic Podcast will also continue, with episodes posted infrequently (as usual for that show!)

The 3mG Podcast – ambience through sound recordings and sound manipulations – is one that will be given a new name and get a re-branding in the coming weeks.

The Atmospheres new age podcast will be archived and retired for now. All of their past episodes will still remain available here on our site archives, and in iTunes for the foreseeable future (though eventually I’ll pull them off iTunes completely).

The other items on the spring cleaning list include shutting down our Youtube channel, which I’ve never really done that much with, and shutting down our Google+ page. Facebook and Twitter will remain active.

That’s the plan, for now! Things can change as the year goes on, but having a simplified strategy in place for the podcasts is going to help free up time for other projects and things I’m involved with at the moment. As always, thanks for listening!