The latest news from the Radio Mystic Music Network for September 28,2013. 

A new podcast. What the hell?

… and it starts with episode #47!?  What the hell?

The torch has been officially passed down from our old E*SCAPES podcast that ended its run back in 2010, so here we go again! That  show ended with episode 46, so it seemed appropriate to pick things up where they left off by jumping back in at 47. Things will be a little different this time around, but we’re still gonna bring you the latest music news, the occasional artist interview, free giveaways and the low broadcasting standards you’ve come to know and love from years past.

The goal is to bring you shorter podcasts, more frequently, with each episode focused on one or two topics: music news, giveaway contests, interviews and whatever else happens to spew out of my caffeinated brain at 3:00 a.m.

To kick things off, this first episode is a short update on where things stand here at the Radio Mystic radio ranch, including the fact that I’ve gone too far by adding back some New Age music to the internet station,  and speculation that a third station may be needed to satisfy our new age fans (editor’s note: Atmospheres Radio became a reality in late March 2014, so there!)

It’s a quick five minutes, which is an optimal amount of time for having to put up with my voice, so no complaining dammit! Enjoy the show, and watch for more to come as often as I can remember to put down my coffee cup and actually produce something.